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Great-grandmother Tekla Elvira Lehtimäki of Siikainen, Turku-Pori, Finland and her family are difficult to research. We'd appreciate any information regarding Tekla's parents, siblings, and home parish!

Here is what we have pieced together so far:

Tekla Elvira Lehtimäki (Lehtimaki) b 1887 or 1888

Tekla left Hangö (Hanko), Finland on March 6, 1907 aboard the Arcturus to Hull, England and then left Liverpool, England on Mar 14, 1907 aboard the Cymric (White Star Line) to Negaunee, Michigan. She arrived in Boston on Mar 25, 1907. Her passenger record indicates that she was headed to meet her friend Alexander or Alexandra Kallioinen in Negaunee, Michigan.

We cannot find an Alexandra in the US census records or immigration records. However, Alexander Kallioinen was the son of Nestor Kallioinen. According to the 1910 US census records, the family had Finnish boarders living with them. You may notice that Tekla ran a boarding house just a few doors away from the Kallioinen family prior to her marriage to Nils Henrikson later that year.

If a family connection does not exist, the below information is not useful. However, if this is the correct connection, then the following may be significant:

Johan Nestori "Nestor" Kallioinen b 1870

Ida Kristina Hermansdotter Norrgård (Ida Christina Nordgard) b 1870

Aina Aleksandra Kallioinen, b Jan 23, 1895

Aleksandra "Alexandra" Kallioinen b Jan 6, 1896

Hanna Maria "Anna" Kallioinen b Aug 5, 1897

Alma Aurora Hallioinen b Oct 27, 1898

Katrina "Katri" Hallioinen b 1901

Frans "Frank" Kallioinen b Aug 25, 1902

Juho A. "John Arthur" Kallioinen b Aug 25, 1905

Niilo/Nils Nestori Kallioinen b Dec 13,1907 in Negaunee, MI

Urho "Ernest" Kallioinen b Jan 15, 1909 in Negaunee,MI

Selma Kallioinen b 1911 MI

Ida Elizabeth "Edith" Kallionen b 1913 MI


Nestor Kallioinen

Nestor of Merikarvia, Turku-Pori, Finland left Hanko February 15, 1902 aboard the Arcturus to Hull, England and then left Southhampton, England aboard the Philadelphia (American Line) on February 22, 1902 and arrived at Ellis Island on March 1, 1902. He was traveling to Negaunee, Michigan to meet his brother Vilander who also paid his passage. His passport was dated February 13, 1902 and indicated that he left behind a wife and four children.

Later, Nestor left Hanko for Marquette, Michigan on August 23, 1905 aboard the Polaris to Hull, England and then left Liverpool, England August 31, 1905 aboard the Virginian (Allen Line). Nestor arrived in Quebec on September 9, 1905 and he traveled with a Frans Lähtumäki (b 1889) also of Merikarvia, Turku-Pori, Finland.

Frans' passport record is dated August 18, 1905 and his name is listed as Frans William Lähteenmäki. Is Frans the brother of Tekla even though the parish and the exact spelling are not the same in Finnish records? Nestor and Frans were traveling to meet Frans' brother John Hill at 118 Superior Street in Marquette, Michigan. could John (Johan) Hill be another brother of Tekla's? A 1901 passport record exists for a Juho Rikhard Lähteenmäki (note the identical spelling of the last name and that Lehtimaki may be translated "leafy hill" or "arbour").

Frans returned to Finland at some point and left for Cobalt, Ontario 1909. His passport was dated June 9, 1909.

Also, note that the Kallioinen family had a Frank Maki living with them in 1910. This is probably the same person that traveled with Nestor in 1905.

Ida Kristina Hermansdotter Norrgård (Ida Christina Nordgard)

Ida Kristina of Merikarvia, Turku-Pori, Finland left Hanko, Finland for Negaunee, Michigan on October 13, 1906 aboard the Urania and then left Liverpool, England aboard the Empress of Ireland (Canadian Pacific Railroad Line) on October 19, 1906. Ida arrived in Quebec on Oct 26, 1906 (page 2). Her passport was dated October 10, 1906 and she traveled with her youngest child Juho A. Kallioinen.

Alexander Kallioinen

We cannot find any travel records for Alexander but he does appear on the 1910 census record with the rest of the family. Perhaps someone can suggest another equivalent Finnish name.

Hanna Kallioinen

Hanna of Merikarvia, Turku-Pori, Finland left Hanko, Finland for Negaunee, Michigan on July 28, 1909 aboard the Arcturus to Hull, England and then left Liverpool, England on August 3, 1909 aboard the Carmania (Cunnard Line). Hanna arrived at Ellis Island on Aug 11, 1909 (page 2). She traveled with her younger brother Frans, and both were accompanied by Hilja Wehmasto (b 1890). Hilja's Finnish passenger record lists Hanna and Frans.

Frans Kallioinen

Frans immigrated with his sister Hanna (see above).

Juho A. Kallioinen

Juho immigrated with his mother (see above).

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