Hendrickson (Henriksson) Family Immigration

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Great-grandfather Nels Henry Hendrickson and his brother immigrated from their home in Hirvijärvi, Övertorneå, Norrbotten, Sweden to Negaunee, Michigan:

Johan Oskar Henriksson (John Oscar Hendrickson) b October 11, 1882

Nils Henrik Henriksson (Nels Henry Hendrickson) b May 4, 1884

Other siblings of Nils that we have not tracked down yet include:

Kaisa Mathilda Henriksdotter b January 25, 1886

Stepmother Marta Larsdotter b March 2, 1861 and married Nels on October 16, 1892

Stepbrother Lars Petter Larsson b August 20, 1884

Halfbrother Arvid Henriksson b August 19, 1893

Halfbrother Karl Emil Henriksson b 1895

Halfbrother Axel Arvid Henriksson b 1899

Halfbrother Victor Henriksson b 1900


Johan Oskar

Johan left Hirvijärvi, Övertorneå, Norrbotten, Sweden from the port of Göteborg, Sweden for Negaunee, Michigan on July 18, 1906 to Hull, England. He left Liverpool on July 20, 1906 aboard the Arabic and arrived in Boston on July 28, 1906. He married Erika Sims (possibly Simonsdotter) of Finland on April 20, 1907. According to his passenger record he was going to meet his cousin J. T. Janson at Box 376, Negaunee, Michigan who also paid for his passage. Johan traveled with Lars Nilson who was going to meet his uncle L. J. Larson at Box 37, Negaunee, Michigan who also paid for his passage.

Nils Henrik

Nils arrived at Ellis Island from Alkosta, Finland via Liverpool, England aboard the Baltic (White Star Line)on June 12, 1909 (2nd page) to meet his brother John in Negaunee, Michigan. His passage was paid by his brother John and he traveled with their cousin Lars Erik Eriksson. He married Tekla Elvira Lehtimäki of Siikainen, Turku-Pori, Finland in Negaunee, Michigan on July 23, 1910.

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