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Great-grandmother Alma Marie Koskinen and her family immigrated from Otamo, Siikainen, Turku-Pori, Finland to America:

Father: Isak Emanuel Koskinen b Aug 18, 1858

Mother: Ida Isakintytär Koskinen b July 26, 1855

Isak Rikhard Koskinen (Isaac Richard Koski) b Aug 12, 1882

Ida Eulalia Koskinen (Ida Koski) bFeb 12, 1890

Alma Marie Koskinen b 1893

Yrjö J. Koskinen (George Koski) b Dec 1900

According to the limited records we have so far, the family had a difficult life of traveling apart long distances to work. Apparently, Isak and his son Isak immigrated and initially worked apart but eventually made their way to Negaunee where the rest of the family joined them.

We cannot find Isak, Ida and Yrjö  in the 1910 US census records, but Isaac and Ida appear in the 1920 census. By 1930 Ida was a widow:

Isak Emanuel

Isak left Siikainen via Hangö (Hanko), Finland for Erie, PA on May 18, 1901 aboard the Polaris, left Glasgow on May 28, 1901 aboard the Anchoria (Anchor Line) and arrived at Ellis Island on June 3, 1901. His passport was dated 1901 and indicated that he left behind a wife and two children, his son Isak had probably already left home to work in Kankaanpää.

Ida Isakintytär

Ida left Siikainen to join her huband Isaac in Negaunee on an unknown date and then left Liverpool on February 20, 1908 aboard the Grampian (Allan Line) and arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on February 29, 1908 (page 2). She traveled with her young son Yrjö and left behind her daughter Alma Maria. Her husband Isak's mailing address was at Jacob Salo's Negaunee dry goods store.

Isak Rikhard

Isak left Kankaanpää via Vaasa (Vasa) for Sault St. Marie, MI on December 31, 1902 aboard the Polaris, then left Liverpool on January 10, 1903 aboard the Lucania. He arrived at Ellis Island on January 18, 1903 and headed to join friend Victor Vihja. Isak's passport was dated December 13, 1902. Later, he was a farmer in Ironwood, MI in Gogebic County where he married Liisa Aapont Wäärälä (Elisabeth Waara) on August 6, 1904 in Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan. They had three sons and six daughters: Walter Nils, Uno, Lempi, Signe, Sylvia, Gertrude, Evelyn, and Elvira.

Isak's wife Liisa was born around 1883 in Pyhäjoki, Finland. She immigrated from Finland to Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan via Hangö, Finland on June 15, 1901 aboard the Polaris, traveling with Emilia Wäärälä to meet with Abram Wäärälä, and left Liverpool on July 25, 1901 aboard the Lake Champlain and arrived in Quebec in July 1901.

Ida Eulalia

Alma left for Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan via Hangö, Finland around 1906. She married Victor Arvid Suliin on Dec 21, 1907 in Crystal Falls, Iron, Michigan where they had two sons and two daughters: Mary, Voino, Aare John, and Salma Anna.

Ida's husband Victor was born on Nov 11, 1885 in Otamo, Siikainen, Finland.

Alma Marie

Alma left for Negaunee, Michigan via Hangö, Finland on April 10, 1909 aboard the Urania and then left Liverpool, England on Apr 16, 1809 aboard the Victorian (Allan Line). She arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia on April 23, 1909 (page 2). She traveled with Sofia Wilén (Wilen) from the same village to Negaunee. They both used Jacob Salo as their contact point. According to the 1910 census, Alma was working for the Charles Pulkinen household in Negaunee prior to her marriage to Sam Vanni on February 13, 1912 in Negaunee, Marquette, Michigan. They had three children: Martha, Esther, and Anna Violet.

After Sam Vanni died around 1930, Alma married John Eskel of Covington, Michigan. (1900) (1910) (1920) (1930)

Yrjö J. (George)

Yrjö immigrated with his mother Ida (see above). He married Jennie Sofia Abramsdotter Kinnia-Eli on March 30, 1921 in Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan and they had no living children at the 1930 census.

Yrjö's wife Jennie was born on June 30, 1901 in Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan to Finnish parents.

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