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Great-grandfather Victor Alfred Sjöbeck and the rest of his family immigrated on Oct 19, 1882 from where all except his mother were born, No. 30 Löderup, Löderup, Kristianstad, Sweden to Fargo, in what was then the Dakota Territory (later North Dakota):

Father Olof Andreasson Sjöbeck (Ole Seburg) Sep 10, 1847 – Jun 19, 1929 Hennepin Co, MN

Mother Bengta Jönsdotter (Betty) Apr 24, 1852 Valleberga, Ystad, Kristianstad, Sweden – June 13, 1930 Hennepin Co, MN

Andreas Sjöbeck b Oct 9, 1872

John Sjöbeck, Aug 3, 1874 – May 4, 1952 Hennepin Co, MN

Dorotea Maria Sjöbeck b Jul 14, 1876

Albert Sjöbeck Jul 14, 1878 – Nov 8, 1878 Sweden

Wictor Alfred Sjöbeck Dec 22, 1879 – Nov 1, 1970 Hennepin Co, MN

Ida Sjöbeck Oct 13, 1881 – Sep 3, 1952 Lac Qui Parle Co., MN

 Arthur W. Sjöbeck May 16, 1884 Clay Co., MN – Sep 2, 1971 Hennepin Co, MN


All except Arthur and Albert left Sweden on Oct 19, 1882. Albert died as an infant and Arthur was the only member of the family born in the US. The family probably arrived in early November of 1882 - we have not obtained the passenger manifest at this time. We know the family moved across the river to Clay County, Minnesota shortly after arriving because Arthur was born there.

Here is an 1891 directory for Fargo and Moorhead with Olaf, Johan, and Andrew listed. Andrew is listed as boilermaker and John as a farmer. The 1915 directory still lists Ole.


Olof Andreasson Sjöbeck (Ole Seburg)

Olof was born in Löderup, Löderup, Kristianstad, Sweden. He came from a line of blacksmiths going back several generations. In the US census records, Olaf ran a blacksmith shop in the Kurtz Township and later in Moorhead, City both in Clay County, Minnesota. (1885) (1895) (1900 Page 2) (1905) (1910) (1920) The spelling of the last name was "Seborg" in the 1900 census but correct as "Seburg" in the 1910 and 1920 census.

Olof's father was Anders Sjöbeck,  b Jan 7, 1818 No 13 Stora Herrestad, Malmöhus, Sweden – d Dec 2, 1892 Löderup, Löderup, Kristianstad, Sweden. His mother was Matta Larsdotter Hagberg, b Jun 15, 1814 Gatehus, Stora Herrestad, Malmöhus, Sweden – d Dec 31, 1893 Löderup, Löderup, Kristianstad, Sweden. They were married on Nov 15, 1846 in Tosterup, Kristianstad, Sweden.

Bengta Jönsdotter Sjöbeck (Betty Seburg)

Betty was a triplet born at No. 4 Valleberga, Ystad, Kristianstad, Sweden. Her father was Jons Pehrsson, b Jan 27, 1811 Ingelstorp, Ystad, Kristianstad, Sweden – d Jan 24, 1867 Valleberga, Ystad, Kristianstad, Sweden. Her mother was Ingar Martensdotter, b Sep 9, 1819 Valleberga, Ystad, Kristianstad, Sweden. 

After Ole died in 1929, Betty lived with Victor and Emma Seburg in their Minneapolis house until she died a few months later in 1930. (1930)

Andreas Sjöbeck (Andrew Seaberg)


Andrew (Andy) left Clay County at some point after 1895 when the whole family was living together in Clay Co., Minnesota but before 1900 to live in Livingston City in Park County, Montana to work as a railroad boilermaker. Andy spell his name differently, he spelled his last name Seaberg. He married Rosa A. Rickard of Minnesota around 1907 and they had no children. Two of Rose's siblings were living with them at the 1920 census. (1885) (1895) (1900) (1910) (1920) (1930) Because they had no children, little is known about Andy and Rosa.

Rosa and her siblings were born in Minnesota but her family moved to South Dakota at some point. (1875) (1880) (1885) (1900) (1910) (1920) Rosa was born to William Ireland Rickard (b Aug 1852 WI) and Mary Munn (b Nov 1850 Canada). She had three sister and five brothers who were all born in Chippewa Co., MN.

John Sjöbeck (Seburg)

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John followed his brother Victor to Minneapolis where they ran a pool hall. After Victor married, John lived with the family for a few years. (1910) Later John became a policeman and married widow Minnie (Henderson) Quamme around 1913. (1885) (1895) (1900 Page 2) (1905) (1920) (1930) They had two children together and raised the children from Minnie's first marriage.

Minnie was born to Hendrik “Henry” Olsen Henderson (Apr 8, 1848 Norway - Jun 21, 1931 MN) and Sarah (or Siri) Hagan (1854 MN - Nov 7, 1894 MN). She had four sisters and 7 brothers. (1875) (1880) (1885) (1895) (1900) (1905) (1910) (1930)

Dorotea Maria "Mary" Sjöbeck (Mary Seburg)

No progress so far. According to census records, she left home between 1895 and 1900. (1895) (1900 Page 2) (1905)

Wictor Alfred Sjöbeck (Victor Alfred Seburg)


Victor left home before his brother John for Minneapolis where they later ran a pool hall together. He married Emma Margaret Erickson around 1906. They had four children. Victor's brother John lived with them for a few years prior to his own marriage. (1885) (1905) (1910) (1920) (1930) After Victor's father died in 1929, his mother Betty lived with them until she passed away just a few months later.

Ida Sjöbeck (Seaburg)

Ida married Herman Julius Ulrich around 1908 and they had two children, both born in Minnesota. According to the Minnesota birth record of one child, Ida spelled her maiden name "Seaburg".  (1895) (1900 Page 2) (1905) (1910) (1920)

Herman was born in Minnesota to German Dutch immigrant parents. His father was Julius Ulrich (Mar 1850 Germany, immigrated 1869) and his mother was Amalia Manthey (Oct 1847 Germany, immigrated 1870) and he had six brothers and two sisters. (1880) (1885 Page 2) (1895) (1900)

Arthur W. Sjöbeck (Seaburg) 

Arthur "Art" is on the left in the above photo. He spelled his name "Seaburg". Art married Annie Moe, from Clay Co., Minnesota, around 1911 and they had three children. He and his family followed brother Andy (see above) to Livingston City in Park County, Montana in 1919 to work as a railroad boilermaker as well. (1885) (1895) (1900 Page 2) (1905) (1910) (1920) (1930) By 1930, Art and his family were living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Annie was born in Clay Co., MN to a Norwegian immigrant family. Her father died when she was young and her mother married a Swedish immigrant. (1895) (1900) (1905) (1910) In 1905 and 1910, Annie and her siblings were all listed with their stepfather's last name of Mellin. The official birth certificate of one of Annie's children, lists here maiden name as Moe. Other birth and death records suggest that Annie and her siblings used Moe as their last name.

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