The Hawkinson Brothers and WWI


Fred and his brothers served in the Minnesota National Guard and in the United States Army during WWI. Like many immigrants, the family's name changed (Hawkinson) after immigration.

Roy, Fred, Bob

Here is a photo of Roy Hawkinson

Here is a photo (around 1917) of Fred and his two brothers and three living sisters (Roy, Bob, Fred, Nattie, Elsie, Betty):

Roy, Bob, Fred, Nattie, Elsie, Betty Hakansson (Hawkinson)

Here is a certificate of Fred's promotion to Corporal:

Fred's promotion document

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Here is a "yard long" shot of Company D of the Minnesota National Guard First Field Artillery. Fred is on the left side with an arrow over his head:

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This above photo is at Camp Llano Grande, TX prior to the group's activation in the creation of the 34th "Sandstorm" Infantry Division in April, 1917. The group was later redesignated as the new 2nd Battalion 151st Artillery - part of the 42nd "Rainbow" Division that fought with distinction in WWI France. Throughout, the group served under George E. Leach, later the Mayor of Minneapolis.

Bob and Roy sold their grocery store in South Minneapolis and enlisted in the Army in 1918. But before they could be deployed, the war ended. They bought their store back and returned to business as usual. Fred was already experiencing physical problems that plagued him for the rest of his life so he spent the war in Florida in the Army postal service.